Excavator hire

There are lot of options out there when it comes to hiring someone to do construction work for you. Whether you’re paving a parking lot, digging a swimming pool, or just moving earth from one place to another, you need to look into a specialist who can complete the work for you. When you’re searching through the lists of people willing to do the work, you’ll find that many people offer attractive rates. However, there are some things you should be aware of before you make a choice. Many unqualified workers will try to entice you with low rates or improbably quick rates. If you hire one of these people and they do work that is unsatisfactory, you might not have any recourse for the money and time you already spent. Keeping a few things in mind will protect you from scam artists and ensure the job is done properly.



Until you work with someone, you can’t know if he or she will do the work in a way that you find satisfactory. Some people promise to get the work done quickly, but take forever. Some people offer you a quote, and then you watch the price slowly creep upwards. That’s why it is so important to hire someone who has a lot of experience, and that’s why we employ a bobcat operator with over twenty years of experience.

He has a proven track record as a skilled operator who frequently works on specialist jobs. With that amount of experience, you know that the job is going to be done quickly, efficiently, and at the agreed-upon rate. After all, you don’t make it over two decades providing customers with shoddy work.


When you are working with a contractor for your earthmoving project, you want to feel as if you can trust the contractor. It’s your money, your time, and your business on the line. Don’t you deserve a little peace of mind? Insurance is a great way to have that certainty that you will be taken care of. Pursuit Contractors specialise in providing customers with the service they expect at a price they can respect, but we know that you want to have a little bit of extra assurance.

Insurance is that assurance; our specialists are covered so that any accident or damage that might occur will be made right.


Contracting work with a specialist can be an expensive and time-consuming experience. For that reason, you want to control as much as possible. That’s what a quote is for; our specialists consult with you about how much the project will cost and how long it will take.

It’s important to keep in mind that certain companies that deal with excavator hire expect you to hire them after they provide a quote; we don’t do that. We provide obligation-free quotes, which means that we will tell you the timetable and the projected expense of your project. If you don’t like any part of what we quote, you don’t have to sign with us. That’s the obligation-free part.